thairapy had a baby!


So my little baby boy George decided he would like to come out 6 weeks early! As you can imagine this was a surprise!

Needless to say, i was glad i was super organised, as i had finished decorating his nursery 3 weeks before he arrived and i had also started to wind down Thairapy a month previous too!

He was always going to be called George after my boyfriends Grandpa, so little George must of known about St Georges Day as that is when he arrived, 23rd April 2019 at about 4am via an emergency c section .He was a breach baby and coming so fast i had to have general anesthesia too. This obviously delayed my recovery a little, and little George also had to be in the Special Care Baby Unit for 22 days too.

This was a very blurry time, the nurses at the hospital were amazingly supportive, and so made what would be a very stressful time somewhat bearable!


I am pleased to say we are all home now, and little George who first weighed 4lbs 13ozs at birth, now weighs a fabulous 9lbs 8ozs, and continues to do well :)

Until then, i will enjoy maternity leave with my new family, and look forward to 2020 where i will meet all you lovely new brides and clients :)

Love Becks x