We have made it into Femme Rebelle Magazine - December 2017 edition, where we have an excellent 8 page feature!

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It's with immense pride, that i can now share these amazing images of the first EVER photoshoot in my incredible 1956 Airstream trailer, who goes by the name of Marilyn. 

I bought her 4.5 years ago, and its a bitter sweet story in how i came to own her, as she is purchased from inheritance from my late mother. I always choose to acknowledge this, as it's without her, these images and this collaboration couldn't of come together. And so, with this unbelievable sadness, it has brought some amazingly talented people into my life!

Firstly, Simon Carter! Where do i start! He has such a passion for photography and is such a lovely human being, working with him doesn't feel like work! He knows exactly what he likes and nails it every time!  This fashion shoot wasn't normally Simons usual shoot as he is usually snapping away with dancers and performers, so it pushed him out of his comfort zone, but i think you'll agree it's brilliant!

Thank you Simon, you captured it perfectly and did me and my late mamma proud! xx

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Secondly, Jada Rose - Model. She was ace! I couldn't of asked for a better person for the job :) We wanted to go with a Barbarella theme, and it evolved into what could also be from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind! Just the look we were going for!

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Thirdly: Kate Fletcher - MUA. Kate loves all things creative, so when i asked her to join me for the shoot, of course she jumped at it! Kate is a great makeup artist, she's been working in TV, Film and lots of other things, including bridal and fashion, so if you need anyone for an event or wedding day makeup look no further! 

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Forth: The stylish Hayley! She has the best collection of props and clothes and well, anything really! If you want any styling for an event, be it a wedding, garden party and all in between Hayley is the go to gal! Not only are her props of excellent quality, but she really does go the extra mile, and her attention to detail is on point! So much so, for a friends wedding, who's theme was Out of Africa, she hand painted plastic zoo animals in gold to add to the effect, which was fab!! She's a really honest and down to earth person too, so you can really trust her creativity for any event!

Marilyn 27.jpeg

And lastly but not least, Me :)

You've guessed it, i did the hair styling for the day! We wanted to go with a slightly rock chick edge, so i chose the plait side detail with some textured curls and lots of backcombing, giving it the 60s vibe!

Even my beautiful Cockerpoo Dita Dog got in on the action!! 


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