THAIRAPY Holistic Hair Tips For the winter!

Holistic Hair Tips For the winter!

1. Nourish with oils- Mustard, Almond and Vitamin A + E oils are fab!
• Vitamin A helps seal the cuticle to help with fine hair and breakage
• Spinach extract can help with scalp conditions like oily or irritated skin
• Lavendar oil is great for soothing scalp treatments

2. PREVENT DRY ENDS By using a paddle brush to distribute oils. Brushing also stimulates your circulation which could lead to healthier hair growth.

3. MAINTAIN A HEALTHY SCALP BY LETTING LOOSE By wearing pony tails all the time can cause psoriasis in the area where your scalp isn't getting the oxygen through the hair follicle

4. TELL YOUR STYLIST TO GIVE YOU A STRAIGHT CUT TRIM AND NOT A RAZOR CUT this is because getting your hair trimmed straight across will help carry oxygen to our roots through our strands. This improves hair growth. Trimming with a razor will give your ends a slanted cut which isn't optimal if you are trying to get hair length.

5. USE A NATURAL DEEP MASK ONCE A WEEK This natural remedy hair mask will keep your scalp healthy and hair PROTECTED THIS WINTER!

Hair Mask For Dry Brittle Hair

Mix together in a non metal bowl:

1 spoon of mustard oil

1 spoon of coconut oil

1 spoon of vitamin E oil

1 spoon of vitamin A oil

WARM IT ALL UP UNTIL ALL THE INGREDIENTS ARE PLEASANTLY WARM. Apply a generous amount starting from the ends, then to your roots and scalp.
MASSAGE IT GENTLY AND COVER WITH CLING FILM AND WARM TOWEL FOR 45mins-1hour. Rinse with your favourite shampoo and condition. THE SHINE AND MOISTURE WILL LAST FOR UPTO A WEEK! This is not suitable for very fine hair but is colour and Keratin safe.

HOLISTIC TREATMENT TO REMOVE HAIRSPRAY AND PRODUCT BUILD UP mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda into half a cup of water, massage the mixture into the scalp and ends. Let this work for 15minutes, rinse off and wash as usual.
The treatment can be applied as often as needed or twice a month.

HOLISTIC TREATMENT- SAY BYE BYE TO FRIZZ. Avocados have a protein to fatty acid ratio that does wonders for frizzy hair. Mash the avocado in a bowl and apply to washed hair that has been towel dried. Let it sit for 15minutes. Rinse and style as normal. IF AVOCADOS AREN'T AVAILABLE Try about 1/4 cup of mayonnaise instead. Mayo doesn't have all the proteins and nutrients as avocados, but will help moisturise your hair.

Have Fun :))
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